Its the end of the season, you're tired of the pavement, and yes its the dirt calling your name. Let me introduce you to the Deuce, come race by running and mountain biking on some of the skinniest single track known to man, jump of of rocks, and feel the smooth turns of trails made by bike genius's. Basically its a call to your own little piece of Heaven. While soaking this in, race your hardest to beat your friends, neighbors and newly aquainted trail mates on a frantic race to the finish line. Yeah, I'm excited about it too.

10/06/2012 | Saturday | 8:00 AM |
Bike Transition Open @ McCoy Flats

Packet Pickup will be @ bike transition. No Packet pickup will be held night before race.

Bikes must be set by 10:00 AM 
10/06/2012 | Saturday | 10:15 AM |
Race Starts
Updates: Please read
Open. Any Mountain Bike Male
Open. Any Mountain Bike Female
Single Speed Male
Single Speed Female
Relay Male
Relay Mixed
Relay Women
Pigpen - Under 18 Male
Pigpen - Under 18 Female

Race Divisions
Road races are great, but check out this little section of mountain bike track with two loops, 5 miles apeice, single track no passing zones mixed in with wide open sections to drop those fools in front of you. Fast sections of single track that even your mother would approve of, tough climbs, sharp corners, smiles all around. Its the way racing should be.

Bike Loop Course

Written Course Description With Mileage
Bike Course
Start in the pack on the first 5k, make the bike transition first, or it could be you stuck behind someonne in granny gear on the bike loops. Hit the second 5k running in a mad dash to fame and glory... well at least in your own mind.

1st 5k Course

2nd 5k Course
Run Course
Double Dirt Pleasure
2411 South 300 West | Vernal, UT 84078
October 6th 2012
A Dirt Duathlon
Running and Mountain Bike Race
5k Run - 10 Mile Mountain Bike - 5k Run
McCoy Flats Trailhead, Vernal, Utah 
You want age divisions? Go race the local 5k. Here you gotta beat the guy or girl riding the same type of bike as you.

Top Three in Every Category:
Single Racer       $45.00
2 Person Relay Team  $60.00
3 Person Relay Team  $70.00
Pigpen (under 18)$30.00
Race Costs
Race Sponsors
Directions to McCoy Flats

From Traffic Light at Walmart head 4 miles towards Roosevelt on highway 40. Turn left on paved road head 3.1 Miles to BLM parking lot on paved road.

From Roosevelt:

From L&L Motor and Strata Networks Corner head east on Highway 40 23.5 miles. Turn right on paved road, head 3.1 miles on paved road to McCoy Flats BLM trailhead.
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Race Canelled.
Race Canelled.